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Stolen Vehicle One Person Arrested


update on story:

subject was arrested hidding under a deck at 3502 W 35th St

Late this evening in Joplin, Missouri near 34th in South Pearl

a stolen vehicle a black Honda Elantra was identified as the subject fled the area K-9 police dog is searching the area along with several Newton County Police Officers. Residents are being asked to stay inside while subject is lose in the area.

Exclusive video subject being arrested only on Regional Entertainment News

Screen Shot 2019-05-11 at 7.47.00 PM

photos: Jeremy Scherle/Regional Entertainment News

(Joplin Police Officers Seaching 34th S Pearl Area)

BlackHawk Helicoters Land at Joplin Airport


BlackHawak military helicopters landed at Joplin, Missouri Regional Airport this afternoon for a refueling stop, and grabbing some snacks then heading off to their next destination. The planes were based out of Fort Bliss Texas. Spectators with children watched from the side of the road as the helicopters put on quite the show for the brief time they were in the area the children and families were very excited and supported the  brave men and women in the military.

Photos: Jeremy Scherle/Regional Entertainment News

BlackHawk Military Helicopters Joplin, Mo Airport

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Motorcyle Crash on Hwy 43


Late this evening a motorcyle driving at high rate of speed was spotted on Douglas Fir Rd just south of Joplin, Missouri. The driver of the motorcycle was reported all over the road a short pursuit by Newton County Police Officers ended after 11 a.m on HWY 43 at the crossing intersection heading towards Seneca, Mo. One person was transported to the hospital via ambulance. Redding’s Mill Fire Department responded to the scene as well

photos: Jeremy Scherle