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EF-4 Tornado Linwood Kansas

When a an EF-4 Tornado hit Linwood, Kansas late Tuesday evening it was a rain packed Tornado making it very difficult to see. Over 50 homes were hit few injuries were reported no deaths giving the community time to prepare. The damage and distruction reminded you of the Joplin Tornado from 8 years ago. we interviewed Dena a local resident who lost her intire home and is in the process of rebuilding and picking up the pieces with her family. The Red Cross set up a base of operations at the local fire station assiting local residents in their time of need. May of 2019 is certainly going to go down as as a recording breaking month of Torando out breaks and historic flooding across the midwest.

photo credit: Jeremy Scherle

(Photos of Linwood, Kansas)


Storm Damage Ravages Pittsburg Kansas


As severe thunder storms were warned as early as last night across multiple platforms Meteorologist predicted tornadic activity across the midwest. Pittsburg Kansas Crawford County experienced heavy winds with power lines down blocking multiple streets, trees crushing cars and falling on various houses in the area. Fire Fighters were going door to door checking on residents to see if they were ok and needed any assistance. Several blocks on Braodway Street in Pittsburg Kansas were blocked off do to power lines being broke near the Mall.


Photo Credit: Jeremy Scherle/Regional Entertainment News

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