Missing Anderson woman body found after flood

Anderson Mo. –

A weeklong search results in the body of woman lost in Sunday’s flooding being located.

Linda D. Kuykendall 64, Was in her residence on beaver branch located in Anderson when it was swept away by floodwaters she was found at 9 AM Saturday about 3 1/2 miles from that location according to the Anderson police chief Seth Daniels.

Rescue crews searched for six days effortlessly involving drones ,cadaver dogs, boats, and a helicopter. The Saturday discovery was a part of an effort including 60 people from local National Guard, neighboring counties and Arkansas. She was found 15 minutes into the search that began that day.

The home that was located at 400 Jon Road was swept off its foundation Sunday in a flood that damaged a bridge in downtown Anderson. The flash flooding damaged more than 80 homes in the area. Four other family members including her grandchildren escaped the home before being swept downstream.

Police chief Daniels extended his thanks to all volunteer rescue persons involved.

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