State of New York on Lockdown

Breaking News the City that never sleeps is going on total lockdown!


The Govenor Andrew Cuomo today ordered the state of New York to go on a total lock down. Last night California Govenor issued a stay at home order closing all of the state until further notice. President Donald Trump also announced the closing of  the U.S Mexico border to nonessential travel.

The restrictions take effect Sunday night and will:

  • Shut down all non-essential businesses across the state, leaving just grocery stores, pharmacies and other essential operations open.
  • Ban all non-solitary outside activity, like outdoor basketball games and other team sports.
  • Require all non-essential government and private-sector employees to work from home.

Their are over 5,000 caes in New York City alone for the Coronavirus and the numbers keep going up each day. New York alone holds the highest majority of caes in the United States.

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