Rocklahoma 2022 Going Cashless

Rocklahoma 2022

Cashless Venue Update

We’re Going Cashless

Rocklahoma is going cashless for 2022! Leave those dollars at home, bring your credit or debit card instead, and experience the convenience of faster and safer transactions at Rocklahoma this summer. . .

Benefits of this Cashless experience include fewer touchpoints, faster transactions / quicker lines, and no loose bills or change spilling from your wallet or fanny pack as you shop, eat, or take in a set. All points of sale on site, including the Merch Stands, Food & Beverage Vendors, General Store, Showers, Lockers and more will exclusively accept debit or credit in 2022.

Arriving flush with cash, don’t have a bank account, or lose your credit card? We’ve got you covered! Locations where you can convert cash to a pre-paid Visa card will be available in the main venue and in the campgrounds!

Find details in the FAQ below…

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