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Tornado Near Longhorn KS

Tornado photos taken near Longhorn Kansas September 21st around 6:20 P.M. photo credit: Pat Romans

brief touch down in an open field area no damage reported


EF-4 Tornado Linwood Kansas

When a an EF-4 Tornado hit Linwood, Kansas late Tuesday evening it was a rain packed Tornado making it very difficult to see. Over 50 homes were hit few injuries were reported no deaths giving the community time to prepare. The damage and distruction reminded you of the Joplin Tornado from 8 years ago. we interviewed Dena a local resident who lost her intire home and is in the process of rebuilding and picking up the pieces with her family. The Red Cross set up a base of operations at the local fire station assiting local residents in their time of need. May of 2019 is certainly going to go down as as a recording breaking month of Torando out breaks and historic flooding across the midwest.

photo credit: Jeremy Scherle

(Photos of Linwood, Kansas)


Historic Flooding Arkansas River Tulsa Oklahoma

Memorial weekend 2019 will be a historic one for the books with tornadoes and historic flooding sweeping across the Midwest. We were in Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma across from The Gathering Place were historic flooding has caused one local business casino The River Spirit to be completely evacuated only leaving a few nessary security guards and staff on site. Several roads and bridges in path of this flooding have been closed and alternate routes are highly recommend. More water is being released from the Keystone Dam and the core of engineers are expecting the waters to continue to rise with over the continuing days.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Scherle

(The Gathering Place Tulsa Oklahoma)



(River Spirit Casino Tulsa Oklahoma)

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Tornadoes Hit The Heartland

After a night of deadly tornadoes ripping through the heartland mass distruction and multiple confirmed deaths have been reported. We brought you coverage as a confirmed torando ripped through Carl Junction, Missouri and Briarbrook area. Joplin Police Department set up a command post at Casey’s Gas Station emergency workers responded quickly to the scene. We brought you breaking coverage all night at as everything was unfolding.


3 at least 3 confirmed deaths by the Missouri Highway Patrol were confirmed in Golden City, Missouri about 53 minutes outside of Joplin, Missouri. The Tornado did not hit inside of city limits. also massive damage being reported in Jefferson City, Missouri at the Capaital.


Photo Credit: Jeremy Scherle/Regional Entertainment News

(Carl Junction Tornado Strikes Multiple Homes )

(a mother hodling her childern minutes afer a tornado ripped apart their home)



(3 Confirmed Deaths In Golden City, Missouri 5-23-2019)


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