Tornadoes Hit The Heartland

After a night of deadly tornadoes ripping through the heartland mass distruction and multiple confirmed deaths have been reported. We brought you coverage as a confirmed torando ripped through Carl Junction, Missouri and Briarbrook area. Joplin Police Department set up a command post at Casey’s Gas Station emergency workers responded quickly to the scene. We brought you breaking coverage all night at as everything was unfolding.


3 at least 3 confirmed deaths by the Missouri Highway Patrol were confirmed in Golden City, Missouri about 53 minutes outside of Joplin, Missouri. The Tornado did not hit inside of city limits. also massive damage being reported in Jefferson City, Missouri at the Capaital.


Photo Credit: Jeremy Scherle/Regional Entertainment News

(Carl Junction Tornado Strikes Multiple Homes )

(a mother hodling her childern minutes afer a tornado ripped apart their home)



(3 Confirmed Deaths In Golden City, Missouri 5-23-2019)


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