Motley Crue 3 Million Plus for 2020 Tour!

When Motely Crue retired on New Years Eve in 2015 to a sold out crowd in             Los Angeles California billed as The Final Tour. Since retirement Motley Crue has become even more famous releasing new music and a movie based on their lives called The Dirt exclusive to Netflix. Thousands of fans have came together asking for the band to reunite and last week Motley Crue did just that. Motley Crue annouced a come back tour with support from Def Leppard and Poison this going to be one of the hottest concerts of 2020. The price tag for this epic concert is north of 3 million dollars the bands are set to perform at stadiums across the country. Offical details for tour dates and ticket prices to be released soon. Their are only a hand full of entertainment companies and promoters that can afford a bill like this and be able to break even.

Mötley Crüe: $2 million
Def Leppard: $1 million
Poison: $250,000

(unofficial reported price tag)

(Tommy Lee performing upside down on his rollcoaster drum kit)

Photo Credit: Jeremy Scherle/Regional Entertainment

for more information about Motley Cure and headliners see links below

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