Virgina Gov Issues Stay at Home Order Until June 10th 2020


(map of Virgina: maps of the world)

Press Release

Virgina Govenor Ralph Northam is taking similar steps in securing his residents safety from the Coronavirus except for essential purposes when leaving your homes

Gov. Ralph Northam’s directive includes all public beaches will be closed, except for fishing and exercise, so long as social distancing is maintained the order extends until June 10 or until further notice.

“This is a communitywide effort, and I thank you for complying. This is a time of sacrifice. We need everyone to take this seriously and act responsibly,” Northam said at press conference Monday morning.

Their are currently 1,661 confirmed Coronavirus cases in Maryland as of Tuesday night.


A class 1 misdemeanor to gather in groups of 10 or more.

Class 1 misdemeanors are punishable by up to 12 months in jail and a fine of $2,500. That is the maximum penalty in Virgina until further notice.

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