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Kimberly Meredith
Awakening to the Fifth Dimension
When the average person gets sick, they seek out a doctor. Unfortunately, western medical intervention doesn’t always lead to healing the underlying ailments. Instead, t often includes invasive surgeries and bottles upon bottles of pills (the side effects of which can often be worse than what they’re meant to be treating!) Doctors, medication and therapy can be tools, but they aren’t the medicine that truly heals us. Kimberly Meredith, a medical intuitive and author of, Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, sits down with us today to discuss her unique blend of healing abilities and how alternate medicine is quickly becoming the way of the future.
Before we dive in with her, I know that you might be rolling your eyes at the prospect of a woman that can heal through walls, but science is on her side. To better understand her abilities, Kimberly was recently invited to undergo testing with Dr. Norm C. Shealy, founder of the American Holistic Medical Association, and a neurosurgeon with over 45 years spent working with spiritual healers. The results were profound. Dr. Shealy’s tests of Kimberly recorded her ability to heal even through walls. Dr. Shealy concluded that Kimberly appears to emit scalar energy, a unique type of energy associated with genius inventor Nikola Tesla. In 2017, Kimberly was selected by PsyTek Subtle Energy Laboratory and Research Facility to undergo ongoing tests to further understand the inner workings of her talents. In 2019, Kimberly was invited to be tested at the famed IONS Institute of Noetic Sciences, founded by Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell and headed by the eminent scientist Dr. Dean Radin. After participating in multiple double-blind scientific studies, Kimberly’s healing abilities are beginning to reveal the convergence of spirituality, and science.
1. Healing is a word most of us might never hear in terms of our health when talking with western medical professionals. Why do you think that is?
Western medical professionals are scientifically-oriented, which is good. Science is the careful process of studying the natural world to figure out what works and what doesn’t. I work with western medical professionals all the time. My process is not an alternative to western medicine, it’s complimentary to western medicine. This is very important to understand. I work with M.D.s all the time. Our goal is always the same, to help a sick person to get better, to recover and to improve as much as possible. We all want the same thing. What I bring to the table is a spiritual perspective and a connection to the spiritual world, which allows for powerful additional elements of healing to be added to the equation. As Einstein showed us with his famous E=mc2 equation, energy and matter are equivalent. This means that there is a profound and fundamental connection and interchangeability between energy and matter. So while western medicine is concerned mainly with the world of matter, I am also concerned and connected to the world of energy. And by bringing these two worlds together, by balancing the equation, so to speak, a wonderful and powerful synergy is achieved. And this synergy results in profound and powerful healing that is definite and verifiable by all concerned, from the patients to their families to the doctors. Everyone sees and witnesses how powerful and profound a miraculous healing can be. My definition of a miraculous healing is a healing where the power of God through the Holy Spirit has come into the person’s body. It’s like lending a hand to lift the person up to receive greater healing than they would otherwise have experienced without spiritual intervention.

2. What is your definition of healing?

Healing is multi-faceted. Our Third Dimensional language is often insufficient to encompass all of the aspects of healing, just as it is insufficient to encompass all of the aspects of the nature of God. Your body, your mind, and your soul can all receive healing, which means these aspects of your being can find improvement in any conditions that may be hindering your growth, your health, your wellbeing, your happiness and so on. To heal can mean to grow, to improve and to flourish, like a garden in which all the plants are thriving, tall and strong and fruitful, versus a garden where all the plants are weak, wilted, barren and drooping. Or even worse, a garden with nothing but dirt where nothing grows. We want all aspects of our lives — body, mind and spirit — to flourish like a healthy and vibrant garden. This is what God wants for us. Our minds and hearts and bodies have limited innate healing abilities to self-repair. But when these innate self-healing systems are overwhelmed or insufficient, this is when we really need the help of the Divine, of the Miraculous, of Christ Consciousness, of God the Father who blesses us and grants us the gift of healing through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is through the Holy Spirit that we are touched to receive the blessing of healing.

3. What is The Fifth Dimension and what is our relation to it?

The Fifth Dimension is a Dimension of love and miracles. The Fifth Dimension is where miraculous healings of physical and emotional conditions occur.  We can all access the Fifth Dimension by raising our consciousness. We can transcend the Third Dimension — the Dimension of hate, greed, war, fear and ego — the Dimension where most of us live every day — to reach the Fifth Dimensional state of love, acceptance, harmony, understanding, and spiritual and emotional growth and to flourish. The Fifth Dimension is where we become the best versions of ourselves, tapping into who we were meant to be, awakening our gifts, and becoming all that we are meant to become. In the Fifth Dimension, we are better able to not only survive this life, but thrive and flourish in it — and help others to do so as well. Most importantly, in the Fifth Dimension, we have a closer, deeper and more profound relationship with God.

4. What are your specific healing abilities? Did you always have your healing abilities or did something trigger them?

Ever since I was a little girl, I had connections to the spiritual world that surrounds us, even though I did not understand the nature of this connection. As a child I once picked up a dead bird and felt it come back to life in my hands. But it wasn’t until I had my two near death experiences that I encountered God who told me I would return to Earth to help bring healing to the world. It was then that I received my healing gifts from the Holy Spirit. Among these gifts is a connection to my higher-dimensional Spirit Guides who help and assist me by revealing information about the medical and emotional conditions people may be suffering. I am also able to see inside the body to receive additional information about what may be afflicting the person. Finally, I am able to facilitate healing of medical and emotional conditions through the power of the Holy Spirit. When I facilitate healing, it is not I who performs the healing — I am a vessel to facilitate the healing energy that flows through my body, like a conduit, for the healing energy of the Holy Spirit.

5. You have been studied by several experts, scientific research institutions including Dr. C. Norm Shealy as well as the IONS Institute of Noetic Sciences, founded by Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell.  What was it like to be tested by these scientists and what did they discover about you?

It was an amazing experience and an honor to be scientifically tested by rigorous and highly trained scientists at these esteemed research institutes. I wanted my gifts to be documented so that the world could know with certainty that yes, spiritual healing is real, and that we can all benefit from this profoundly powerful phenomena. One of the amazing things they discovered is that the healing energies flowing through me were able to be detected by their scientific equipment even through the walls which separated me from the people who were my test subjects who were receiving healings. These healing energies which flow through me are from the Holy Spirit. My role is to be a conduit and a facilitator for these energies. But as I always tell people, divine and miraculous healing always comes from God. It’s our job as recipients of those healings to open ourselves up to receive the divine grace of those healings, which are gifts from Heaven.

6. Do you believe that anyone has the capacity to be a healer?

Yes, I absolutely believe and know that anyone can be a healer. To be a healer means to be a vessel, a conduit, for the divine healing energy of the Holy Spirit, which is an aspect of God which interacts with us in this Third-Dimensional world we inhabit as spiritual beings encased within mortal bodies of flesh and blood and bone

There was nothing special that I did to become a healer, other than walking down a path I was called to walk down. I received healing gifts from the Holy Spirit following my near death experiences. I was given an opportunity to serve my fellow humans and I accepted that calling. As I have grown as a healer, I have learned a great deal about our physical and spiritual natures. It’s been my honor to help facilitate the healing of many thousands of adults, children and animals. I can tell you with certainty that the healings I’ve been blessed to facilitate can absolutely flow through any human who is able to faithfully serve as a vessel for the divine healing energy of God and the Holy Spirit.

7. From being a keynote speaker at the major consciousness events to writing this book to creating an interactive webinar series, you’re sharing your energy with so many individuals and helping them find peace and healing. What has been the most profound healing that someone has experienced with you?

I’ve been blessed to facilitate thousands of healings and to witness miraculous improvements of thousands of adults, children and animals. I cherish each and every miraculous healing in which I’ve been blessed to participate. Some healings that are especially dear to me are those that involve children. For example, I had a little girl come to me who had been trapped in never-ending agony for all of her life. Can you imagine suffering in terrible pain every day of your life? How difficult that would be? This little girl had been experiencing terrible abdominal pain since she was a tiny baby. Doctors were unable to help her. She grew into a little girl who was beset by this excruciating pain every single day of her life. I’m still amazed at how strong and resilient she was. She was very spiritually advanced for her age. When she came with her mother to see me, she immediately climbed on my lap and kissed my cheek, as though she sensed that she was about to receive something wonderful. And that wonderful thing was a divine and miraculous healing from the Holy Spirit that immediately alleviated her pain. Soon after our session, her mother wrote to me to tell me that her daughter is finally able to enjoy a happy life free of the pain that had once dominated her days and terrorized her nights. To be able to play a part in alleviating her suffering, and the suffering of all the people and animals who come to see me, is a true honor and a blessing in my own life that brings me great peace, comfort and joy.

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