President Trump Declares National Emergency

President Donald Trump made a television appearance at 3 p.m. est time zone to declare a national emergency to fight the coronavirus, and free up to nearly 50 Billion dollars in federal aid setting aside from FEMA.

Donald Trump Speaking From The Rose Garden

President Trump Direct Quote

“I’m also asking every hospital in this country to activate its emergency preparedness plan, so that they can meet the needs of Americans everywhere,” Trump said in his remarks.

“Emergency orders I’m issuing today will also confer broad new authority to the Secretary of Health and Human Services. The Secretary of HHS will be able to immediately wave revisions of applicable laws and regulations to give doctors, hospital — all hospitals — and health care providers maximum flexibility to respond to the virus and care for patients,” the president continued.

“This includes the following critical authorities: the ability to waive laws to enable tele-health, a fairly new, and incredible thing,” he said.”It gives remote doctor’s visits and hospital check ins. The power to waive certain federal license requirements so the doctors from other states can provide services in states with the greatest need.”

“They can do what they have to do. They know what they have to do. Now they don’t have any problem getting it done,” Trump said. “Today we’re announcing a new partnership with private sector to vastly increase and accelerate our capacity to test for the coronavirus. We want to make sure that those who need a test can get it as very safely quickly.”

Store accross the country are quickly running out of supplies and limiting them to customers. Wal-Mart along with other national retails have imposed similar steps on selling products.

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