Over 4 Million Workers Unemployed Due To Coronavirus


Tragedy can strike at anytime, and most Americans do not have enough savings put up to last them several weeks. With the Coronavirus striking down thousands of businesses across the United States millions of workers are simply left unemployed and unable to find work. Reports of multiple state run websites for New York, Kentucky, and Oregon crashed due to the heavy traffic. Unemployment offices across the country have been flooded with phone calls and resumes. Natioal Retailers, Casinos, Bars, Mom and Pop Shops to malls have shut their doors creating a huge financial crisis. If Unemployment happens to you have a plan of action and be ready ahead of the game. Statistics are estimated that by the end of March over 4 million people or more will be out of a job until the Coronavirus goes away. Most businesses will not be able to recover and reopen their doors. 

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