Apple Releases New iOS 14

Apple made a massive annoucement today releasing details on the IOS14 features as seen in the photographs below.

One of the most talked about features buzzing around social media is the ios 13 and 14 models will allow you to unlock certain cars with your iPhone. Users to unlock and start their car from their phone. The first supported car is the 2021 BMW 5-series, which will be released next month and more cars to follow. The ios14 is revolutionary with advanced technology to make the customers love being an Apple user.


Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the latest version of the new iPhone software, which includes updates such as the ability to set a default mail app or browser app, a redesigned home screen, and new lightweight software programs called “App Clips.”

you can change to the iOS home screen, including the ability to set default email and browser apps for the first time.


The iOS 14 adds several new features to the Messages app, including mentions, new Memoji features including an avatar wearing a face mask, and a new interface for group texts that enables threads to be pinned to the top of the app.

Incoming calls can also be displayed as a banner notification for the first time

Developers can download the new iOS this week, and a public beta will be released in July


for more information about Apple and Apple Products see link below—Brand-iPhone-Evergreen-

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