Mike E Winfield Preforms at the K.C. Comedy Club

Mike E. Winfield

Kansas City Comedy Club

                How can I start this with properly giving Mike E. Winfield the credit he is due? Mike is considerably one of the humblest people I have had the opportunity to meet. Mike’s style of comedy is one that he pulls from his personal experience. He takes his experiences, finds the humor and in turn, can deliver a comedy like nothing I have ever experienced. Within minutes, our stomachs were hurting and a few of us were snorting unable to control our laughter.

Audio of the interview

                When Mike came on for his set, his first joke was to crack on himself! He immediately started lighthearted and it just took off from there. As Mike, progressed through his set he interacted with the crowd. He laughed with and at the crowd in a way that was welcoming and hilarious. Mike did not roast his fans and he did not demean for the pleasure of others. Mike was able to genuinely entertain without it being at the expense of a fan’s humiliation. Mike draws off his life experiences and how the crowd was able to relate to him. Upon interviewing Mike after the show, he expressed his unending gratitude for the people that support him, especially coming to a live show in the trying times that we have. Mike continued to give advice for others who would choose to follow in his steps. He was unafraid of someone taking his spotlight. He is very passionate about his ability to make his fans laugh and was all to happy to help the next young comedian step up and step out into the light. He did not find it necessary to be overbearing with the raunchy details in his set, it was genuine comedy that “showed a little leg and shimmied its chest” while maintaining authenticity!

                In closing, I was very appreciative of the experience I had at Mike’s comedy show and I am absolutely considering going back a second time before he leaves Kansas City! I am positive that I speak for many people in saying that Mike E. Winfield has whole new fanbase for those that may have been unfamiliar with him prior to this! If you have not experienced this hilarity, then I HIGHLY recommend you get down to The Comedy Club of Kansas City asap to get you an overfill of laughter!

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Photo Interview Credit: April Rose Pierce

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